Tandem Jumps

Before your first jump your instructor will equip you with the necessary equipment and will brief you on the stages of this experience; climbing, positioning for exit, free fall, parachute descent and landing. Once equipped, you will board the plane. The climb to 4000 meters will take 15 minutes.

The free fall lasts about 60 seconds at 200 km per hour. Arrived at 1500 meters the instructor opens the parachute. Once the parachute is open, you will have 10 minutes of flight left. Your instructor can give you the steering toggles and teach you how to steer your parachute safely. Enjoy the scenery. Then your instructor will take over the toggles to ensure the landing.

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Info & booking: +39 3517814499

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The wind that runs over you, the speed, the adrenaline that runs through your body. Every seconds will be unforgettable.

Describing in words what it feels like during skydiving is almost impossible...